WP Inventory Lightbox

When a user clicks on your inventory image now it will pop up to the full-size image. Easily enhance your user experience! Doesn’t hurt performance either – load the thumbnails by default, and only load the large images when opening the lightbox.

Note:  Requires WP Lightbox 2 to work.

Since WordPress 5.5

As of WordPress 5.5 release, they removed jQuery migrate scripts as well as updated their core default library of jQuery.  Because of that move, outdated plugins may break such as WP Lightbox 2.  As a work-around the WordPress.org team has put together this plugin:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/

I you are experiencing issues or console errors related to WP Lightbox 2 and you are on WordPress 5.5 AND WP Lightbox 2 is still on version: – you will need this patch.  Please use WP Lightbox 2 support to ask them for a fix if you need further support or the patch is not an option for you.  This is not caused by WP Inventory Manager and we leave it up as a courtesy and to those that already use it. Please be advised and if this information changes we will update this page accordingly.