Core Plugin Installation and Configuration

Configure the plugin settings, add inventory items, and setup the reserve form.

Advanced Inventory Manager Tutorial

Mange inventory on a per-type basis. Give a hammer the attributes a hammer deserves, give a garden hose the attributes it deserve, and give a washing machine the attributes it needs. Manage and display your inventory no matter what type of inventory it is.

Import and Export Tutorial

Import and export inventory quick and easily with just a few simple steps.

Bulk Item Manager Tutorial

Easily manage inventory items in bulk with a search and replace filter you set the parameters for.

Ledger and Invoice Tutorial

Your reserve entries have been neatly organized into our ledger entry system. You can also invoice the person reserving. Invoice one-by-one, or in bulk. With minimal configuration, the power of inventory tracking through reservations and invoicing has never been made simpler.

Advanced User Control

The Advanced User Control (AUC) gives you the power to create a consignment store if you want. Or, to simply manage your team setting individual permissions for each user indicating what they have the ability to manage. A must have for inventory team management.

Reserve Cart

Watch this video to understand how the reserve cart add on can take your inventory management to the next level. Easily allow your website visitors to add as many and as much of inventory items as they would like. Directly from the inventory listing page as well as the individual item details page. A really must have add-on for the WP Inventory Manager.