Fantastic Plugin and Support!

I was recently looking for a solution to manage inventory for a client on their WordPress site. I searched and found the WP Inventory Manager plugin and after reading some reviews, decided to install it. The interface was well considered, and offered a tremendous amount of capability for the free version. Everything worked as stated in the promo, and I was very happy with the results. I wanted to expand the capabilities of the program, so I purchased the Import/Export add on. What a time saver!

I am new to developing, so had a few issues with some custom code, due to my inexperience. When I sent my questions and emails for assistance with the problem, I had an answer within the day that remedied my problem and also gave me a little more insight into some of the code in this great plugin.

I have since purchased the Advanced Inventory Manager and plan to add the Bulk Item Manager very soon.
Considering the price of these Add Ons and the fact that the initial WP Inventory Manager is free, it’s an incredible value, and has served my clients very well. I may have been able to develop a system in php with Dreamweaver, but it would have involved a tremendous amount of time and effort.. making WP Inventory Manager and its Add Ons, with its excellent support, one of the best purchases I have made in recent years!