WP Inventory Free Add Ons

We have a variety of free add ons you can download from Git Hub.  Please feel free to check out any of the following on our Git Hub repository.  Click any of the “Download” buttons below to be taken to the repository.  From there, you will click the green “Clone or Download” button that looks like this:


Located at the top right of the screen on any Git Hub repository.

Stripe Payment Gateway – With this add on, you are able to sell your inventory.  There are a couple of caveats, however:

  1. You must have an SSL certificate.  Most good hosting providers issue SSL certificates and can install them for you.
  2. You must have a Stripe.com account.
  3. You must have a licensed version  of the WP Inventory Reserve Cart.

WP Logging – This is a tool to help figure out if there are any problems/error on your site and the install of WP Inventory Manager you are running.  It is a diagnostic tool that helps developers and our support team to help you with troubleshooting and fixing problems.  Please install if you are a developer or have been instructed to by our support team.  There is no need for this add on if your site is fully functioning and you do not have any issues.


Breadcrumbs – This free add on will provide a breadcrumb trail for the user to go back to previous pages from inside of the WP Inventory Manager listing and product pages.


Lightbox – When a user clicks on your inventory image now it will pop up to the full size image.  Useful for performance and user experience.  Load the thumbnails and only load the large images when needed.

Note:  Requires WP Lightbox 2 to work.


WP Inventory Removal Tool – If you would like to completely remove all tables and information that has been installed by WP Inventory Manager or any of it’s add ons, then install this plugin after you have deleted your WP Inventory Manager and any add ons.