WP Inventory Free Add Ons

We have a few free add ons you can download for quality-of-life upgrades to your inventory management.  Please feel free to check out any of the following on our GitHub repository as well. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us to see how we can help, or to put in a feature request.

Add-On: Stripe

Easily sell your inventory items from your website via Stripe payment processing. With a valid SSL, and you can start collecting payment during your user’s item reservation process. Please note this add on requires a licensed copy of WP Inventory Manager. Combine with the Reserve Cart add on for a full eCommerce experience on your website.Read More

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Add-On: Disable Detail Page

Over the years we have had numerous questions and/or requests to hide the detail page. User’s simply don’t need it because their listing page tells the whole story and therefore going to the detail page would only be redundant and bad user experience. We heard you. Click the link below to get a download of the easy to use plugin. No settings necessary.Read More

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This free add on will provide a navigational breadcrumb trail for the user to go back to previous pages. Great for complex inventories with many different layers of inventory listings. The breadcrumb links will display on any WP Inventory Manager listing pages and item detail pages.Read More

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Please note the WP Inventory Lightbox add on is no longer supported. We recommend using the Simple Lightbox plugin to achieve the same effect.

Support Tools

We also provide several convenient technical tools to help debug any errors, completely remove WP Inventory Manager data from your site, or block spam reservations.

WP Logging – This is a tool to help figure out if there are any problems/error on your site and the install of WP Inventory Manager you are running.  It is a diagnostic tool that helps developers and our support team to help you with troubleshooting and fixing problems.  Please install if you are a developer or have been instructed to by our support team.  There is no need for this add on if your site is fully functioning and you do not have any issues.

Once activated, navigate to WP Inventory > Settings > General > Logging Settings to enable logging.

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WP Inventory Removal Tool – If you would like to completely remove all tables and information that has been installed by WP Inventory Manager or any of it’s add ons, then install this plugin after you have deleted your WP Inventory Manager and any add ons.

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Anti Spam – There have been rare cases where this is needed.  As bots and spammers get more and more sophisticated, so must the efforts to stop them in their tracks.  This free plugin offers a v2 Google reCAPTCHA setup as well as honeypot.  In addition it requires a nonce on the form submission which is nearly impossible (close to 0%) for a bot to guess and get right.  If you find yourself in a position that spam is coming through the reservation form, this may be worth downloading and setting up.

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