WP Inventory Manager Template Override

What is a template override?

We’ve designed WP Inventory to be developer-friendly, meaning anyone with a working knowledge of PHP can go in and edit the plugin files. However, you don’t want your changes to be erased every time you update the plugin.  This is where the template override system comes in handy. A template override allows you to change the output, or even the HTML of the page via your own custom programming.  In short, the template override system provides a way for you to craft custom templates for displaying your inventory, without altering the core plugin files. This system ensures you can create frontend pages that meet your exact need, without risking them being overwritten when you update the WP Inventory plugin. Ready to get started? Dive into more details on the righthand sidebar, or click here to learn how to use this handy system.

Please be aware that working with the template override system falls outside the scope of our license support. However, we understand that the template override system may be a bit daunting for those unfamiliar with PHP. Don’t worry, there’s still an option to reach out for help.  We offer a paid service for custom template development. If you need help customizing a view for your site, please Complete our Contact Form to reach out for more information.