Custom Add-Ons to empower you!

Add-Ons can be purchased and downloaded as needed to suit your needs. Below is our catalog of current add-ons. Please note that add-ons will only work with a licensed copy of WP Inventory Pro.  Add-on licenses, like the WP Inventory license, entitle you to one year of support and automatic updates.

Want the best value? All add ons purchased separately cost over $300, but with the All Access Pass you pay only $149!

Add-On: Advanced Inventory Manager

Create different types of inventory items with custom fields using Advanced Inventory Manager. Perfect for varied inventories, this plugin allows you to define unqiue attributes for each type (e.g. number of strings for guitars, the pieces in a drum kit). Even customize which fields display for each type.Read More

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Add-On: Import and Export

Seamlessly import inventory from an external CSV file, and export all of your inventory items into a manageable spreadsheet with a few clicks! This is also the best way to transition out of legacy versions of WP Inventory Manager.Read More

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Add-On: Ledger

Track every quantity change and inventory reservation with the Ledger add on. The ledger even incorporates the cost of the items in question for an expansive accounting breakdown.Read More

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Add-On: Reserve Cart

Create a total eCommerce experience with a shortcode cart you can drop anywhere and a single checkout form to reserve multiple inventory items. Customize how the cart looks and functions with a multitude of settings.Read More

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Add-On: Locations Manager

With the Locations Manager add on, you can seamlessly manage the inventory of multiple different warehouses or other locations. Specify the number of available items at each location, and keep detailed records with the Locations Activity ledger.Read More

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Add-On: Advanced User Control

Specify inventory permissions and privileges for every user account with Advanced User Control. Determine who can add items, who can edit items, and even which items each user is able to see in the inventory database.Read More

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Add-On: Notifications

Set alert email notifications to be sent to one or multiple email addresses on a per-item basis.  By default WP Inventory has a global alert notification level.  This will overwrite that if set in the item.Read More

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