Add-On: Advanced Inventory Manager

Add more fields, control the types of fields (text, dropdown, radio buttons, etc), and define a variety of different “types” of inventory. For example, a dishwasher is much different than a couch.  The dishwasher may have fields such as height, width, and depth with various control options.  A couch on the other hand, may have color, material type, designer, etc.

Define a custom inventory type so that you can manage every type of inventory you have on-hand.  When you want to add new inventory, you select that type, and all of the pre-defined information you set for that product type will display for you to enter.  Anyone with a widely varying degree of products can greatly benefit from this add on.  Download the AIM add on today and gain full control over your inventory types.

(Note: This add-on requires a licensed copy of the WP Inventory Manager)

Watch the Demo: