WP Inventory Pro

Designed to help you manage inventory, display it on your website (if you want), and provide you with the tools you need whether you are displaying 5 items or 5,000. The ability to manage products through this easy to use tool makes inventory management simple.

  • Add and manage as many products as you would like. (No limits or additional fees)
  • Separate your inventory into categories
  • Determine which field(s) you would like displayed on the front end.
  • Enable / Disable field(s) you would like to use. With over 15 separate fields, you might only want to use 5-6 of them.
  • Add as many images as you like to each item.
  • Add as many supporting documents / media to each item (PDFs, Word or Excel files, etc)
  • Display the inventory listing either as a “spreadsheet” (table) or in individual boxes.
  • Control the order of display of the items.
  • Control which fields display in which order on the front-end.
  • Set custom names / labels for fields.
  • Full control over editing product information.
  • Easy-to-use admin interface built into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Display inventory on your site via an easy to use short code: [wpinventory] as well as an assortment of short code options for display options.
  • Powerful add-ons to enhance and increase the performance.


Template Override System

With a robust template override system, you can control how your inventory is displayed on the front-end.

Actions and Filters

Designed from the ground up to be extensible, WP Inventory is developer friendly, with action hooks and filter hooks throughout. Additionally, we are always adding new features, hooks, and filters to make the plugin even more extensible. Check out the Developer Documentation for more information.

WordPress-Style Functions for Familiarity

Utilizing WordPress style function names and architecture allows you to easily recognize and utilize the extensive list of exposed functions for your use.

Add-Ons (and more)

WP Inventory Manager Plugin currently has a couple plugins, with several more being developed. Let us know which features and add-ons you’d like to see, and we’ll see what we can do to integrate your ideas into the plugin.

Watch demo: