Add-On: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search ability allows you to use a sidebar on your page and use our drag and drop widget.  From there, you set what fields you would like to display from the main search settings dashboard page.

Your inventory will be searchable based on inventory labels you have defined in the system.  So for example, if you have used a “Size” field, and you have sizes 8,9,10,11, and 12; then the filter will have those as options to filter by.  You may also filter by multiple fields.  So if you had a “Color” field, and the values black, blue, orange and green; then those would be a section in the filter as well.  So the user in this example would now be able to filter by size and color.

In the screen shot below, we have used category, location, and make as our filterable fields (as defined in the screen shot admin settings above).