Love It!

Great plugin! I love the ability to manage the display settings for the listing and the detail page.

Useful and Free, But a Paid License Gives You So Much More!

Typically ‘free’ plugins come in a few flavors useful or enough to get you to pay for what you really need. This plugin offers a unique solutions to a number of Inventory uses and displays for free, no fuss or muss about it.

However paying for a license opens up support for one year and allows addition of the addons if desired. Let me just say for the meager cost of $15 for a year of support the team is everything you would want from a development group and customer service team rolled into one.

Look forward to using this plugin for a long time to come.

Great Product – Fantastic Support!

What a great plugin, works very well and the support is fantastic.

Thank you for a good product, looking forward to anything else you guys may have up your sleeve.

Keep up the good work.

Excellent, Clean, Simple Inventory Management

The administrator features make this an excellent plugin for managing a list of items based on a variety of factors. The database and code are well structured, so you could easily modify it to your liking or use it right away as is. Many aspects of the plugin are also customizable as part of the plugin’s settings.

Excellent All Around!

The software and service is excellent. Can not thank them enough. Sometimes it is hard to find such dedication and professionalism. Highly recommend WP Inventory and the add-ons.

Great Product, Even Better Support!

Having used the application / plugin for more than 6 months, I cannot express enough my appreciation for WP Inventory. Easy to implement, intuitive for users, the application allows us to indicate our current and forthcoming inventory positions easily. We have chosen to show our inventory not by using numbers, but by using literals like “In stock” and “Arriving soon”.

A new application using WP inventory is being implemented for another part of our business and it will display actual units of inventory. It is nice to have one application that can handle two different styles of implementation.

What is most impressive is the reliability and the timeliness of support for this application. It is not hyperbole when I say that the support for this plug-in is the best of any WordPress plugin that we have used.

Great Product! Great support!

Great Plugin – Great Support!

This plugin is just the ticket for a small business (up to 5000 items) needing a comprehensive inventory system. I found it quite easy to install and just as easy to use. I ran into one problem, contacted their support center and had my problem rectified in a couple of hours. I’ve never been a fan of email support, but these guys are great! I couldn’t be happier with everything about my purchase!

Great Program and Customer Support!

This program is just what we needed to list our inventory with photos to our customers and the public – Very flexible as to what information you can show-and easy to use

Great Plugin!

After installing and configuring everything, I still needed some help with some issues in the way I was trying to use IM. The support team was very clear in their explanation, and everything was solved quite fast.

Great Product and Support!

I was looking for a product to display collection items on my site when someone suggest WP Inventory. It was exactly what I was looking for. The support is unmatched. They have helped me several times along the way. You will not be disappointed with WP Inventory.