WP Inventory Reserve Form Actions

WP Inventory reserve form actions can really help you to build your brand and customize your presentation.  Another possibility is to add messages to the checkout page.  Options are seemingly endless.  Below and in the right hand side navigation; are links to various different action hooks with example code.

wpim_reserve_sent – This hook allows you to get information about an item that was reserved after the email is sent to the admin.  If Reserve Cart is installed and active, it runs for each item in the cart. This is run after error checking.  Only run if decrease quantity setting on reserve is set to true.

wpim_save_reserve – This hook runs after each item on reserve when it is being saved.  This is run after error checking.

reserve_confirmation – This hook runs at the time the email is being sent to the reserver.  Must have send email confirmation to customer set to on.

wpim_reserve_confirmation_sent – This hook fires after the reserve_confirmation hook.