Add-On: Bulk Item Manager

Save time and effort by running search queries and editing multiple inventory items at once. You can search with a wide variety of qualifiers on any field. Find any guitar with “Fender” in the product name, any item with a price over $100, or any item where the Make doesn’t contain the letter N. Or search for items that meet all of that criteria! Bulk Item Manager can handle any search, no matter how broad or how narrow.

More than searching, you can change or modify any field of the items that meet the search critiera, not just the fields you searched by. You can even delete whole items based on the conditions that you define, all within a simple easy-to-use interface. For example, you can find all inventory items made by Fender, and then do a 10% price increase on every item, and append a trademark symbol at the end of the item names at the same time. A handy preview of the changes ensures you’re making the adjustments you need to. Managing even the largest databases becomes a breeze with Bulk Item Manager.

Watch the Demo: