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Release Version 2.0.3

WP Inventory Release 2.0.3

This release only has one change but it is a big one.  The “|” separator is now the separator character in the WP Inventory Manager shortcode.  This change was not made lightly by our team as it could impact several of you.  Below, is just one example of how it may affect you.  But there may be others as well.  The takeaway here is that if you have commas in your shortcodes to call out multiple items or categories; then you will need to update these instances on your pages.


[[wpinventory category=”1,2,3″]]

Would become:

[[wpinventory category=”1|2|3″]]

Release Version 2.0.2

WP Inventory Manger 2.0.2


  • Message for non existing item in the admin.
  • For the Reserve Cart add on, we added functionality to hook into so a view cart button could be added in the listing page.
  • Shortcode option added to hide the “back” button on details.
  • UK/US/International date formats are now options to choose from.
  • Back button on detail page use to be javascript. Reworked to use wp_get_referer().
  • When doing a search in the filter by category, the results displayed two add to cart options when Reserve Cart is active.
  • Enhanced the drag and drop functionality of the display settings in the back end.
  • Category names are now being honored in search text.
  • Extra / redundant “Email Input Label” removed.

Advanced Inventory Manager Training Video

WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 has been released!

WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 is here!

The newest version of WP Inventory is out and it is HOT!  WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 is here and dramatically improves user experience.

WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 New features include:

  • change product labels for each field such as price to cost and quantity to amount, or whatever you want for each
  • drag and drop product fields into a product listing view (as many as you would like)
  • drag and drop product fields into a product detail page (as many as you would like)
  • use a reserve quantity feature where customers reserve items and they update automatically
  • display products in a table or non-table layout
  • choose to display product labels or not to display them for both listing and detail page
  • get an email update when someone reserves products from your site
  • and much more!

Head to the download page and get the WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 now!  The power to manage your inventory is completely in your hands and it is completely free!  So don’t delay, try WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin 0.4.0 today!

Keep your eyes out very soon to come for the WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin Ledger.  The ledger gives you the ability to monitor the flow of your inventory.  This can be helpful to see how much inventory has grown or shrank between periods of time.  It can help you to manage what products you may need to consider replacing or updating.

More to come!

  • E-commerce – Adds the ability to sell your inventory online
  • Import and Export – This allows you to import or export inventory items
  • Dealer Mode – Allows retailers to post and pull products from your site you sell for them
  • Rental Reservations – Set reservations and equipment rental periods and keep track of those items

These are very exciting times here at the WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin and we appreciate you using the WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin for your needs.  As always, you can contact customer support at [email protected] or join our support forums and get help in the various threads available.

Grand Release!

WP Inventory Manager Grand Release!

We are pleased to bring you the first of it’s kind, WordPress Inventory Manager.  This plugin is absolutely free of cost and we recommend that if you like it you can make a donation on our donations page or in the right hand side of our website’s updates feed.  Please refer a friend if you want to go the extra mile.  Thank you for choosing WP Inventory Manager as your inventory management solution and we look forward to rolling out even more and advanced features over time.  To download, please visit the download page.

–  WP Inventory Management Team