Add-On: Notifications

This light-weight add on allows you to set per-item quantities and email addresses you would like to send out alerts for.  Once you install and activate the add on, you will see one new permission setting on the “Notifications” tab to set the minimum user role that can access this override.

You will also need to be sure that you have the “Send Low Quantity Email” set to “Yes”.  Without setting this to yes, the system is basically not sending notifications so the per item override notification section will not show.  So be sure these two settings are set appropriately.

Once you have set these, you can now visit any item in your dashboard.  Scroll to the bottom of the item when you are on the item edit page and you will see a notifications section that looks like this:

As seen here, there is a quantity of 30 for this item.  When this item’s quantity reaches 30 or less, emails will be sent out to the two emails set:  [email protected] and [email protected].

Note:  These alerts are sent out when reservations are made.  They do not send when an admin edits an item or makes a ledger entry.

Add-On: Import and Export

Stop managing your inventory in a spreadsheet, and transition to the easy-to-use features of WP Inventory Manager! The Import and Export add on allows you to import items in bulk from any CSV file. Map each column to a different field for total control over your items, and proactively resolve errors before they stop the import. Don’t spend hours manually entering an extensive inventory, just use Import and Export to accomplish the same task in minutes.

Import and Export

The Import and Export add on also allows you to reverse the process, and export your entire database with just a few clicks for use in Excel or Google Docs. You can export your entire database through the Import / Export tab in your WordPress dashboard, or through a convenient button at the bottom of your Inventory Items admin listing. You can even export a limited number of items, by searching in your admin listing to filter out any items you don’t want to include in the spreadsheet before clicking to Export Items.

Additionally, Import / Export allows you to seamlessly migrate from the Legacy version of Inventory Manager. Purchasing a license entitles you to one year of support and updates. Please note that this plugin requires a properly licensed version of WP Inventory Manager.

Watch the Demo:

Add-On: Ledger

The Ledger add-on provides quantity tracking and accounting for your inventory databases. Record increases and decreases for all items, including the costs you assign to the items for an expansive account breakdown. Configure the settings to create as much automation as you’d like. You can automatically decrease item quantity when a reservation comes in, or create a pending ledger entry that requires approval for deducting quantity, or turn off the setting altogether for fine-tuned manual control.

WPIM Ledger

The Ledger add on also comes with the ability to create invoices based on ledger entries. Create a template in the settings, and then easily create customized invoices for your customers with just a few clicks.

In addition, as of version 1.1.1, the Ledger now has an item performance graph. This illustration allows you to easily select lines by clicking on the legend above the graph.  By default, they are always on, but clicking one will hide it until you click it back on or refresh the page.  This graph can be very useful to visualize the stock over time as well as reservations made over time.  Reservations are plotted on the grey line and this is the only line that is plotted against the right axis.  All other data lines are plotted against the left axis.

A license entitles you to one year of support and updates. Please note that this plugin requires a properly licensed version of WP Inventory Manager.

Watch the Demo: