Add-On: Advanced Inventory Manager

Advanced Inventory Manager allows you to create new types for your inventory items, which empowers you to provide the most relevant information for a wide variety of inventory items. For example, a dishwasher is much different than a couch.  The dishwasher may have fields such as height, width, and various control options.  A couch, on the other hand, may have material, designer, etc. Advanced Inventory Manager also allows you to create unlimited custom fields unique to each type, and control the format of those fields (text, dropdown, radio buttons, and more). You can even go a step further and customize which fields display on the frontend for each type.

Defining a custom inventory type adds a step to the item creation process to ensure you’re entering the correct information.  When you want to add new inventory, you’ll be prompted to select the type for the item before anything else. Then, all of the fields you set for that product type will appear for you to enter. Any inventory with a variety of types of items can benefit from the Advanced Inventory Manager add on. Upgrade to total control over your inventory today!

(Note: This add-on requires a licensed copy of the WP Inventory Manager)

Watch the Demo: