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    Manage Inventory With WordPress

    WP Inventory Manager

    Welcome to the official site of the WP Inventory Manager Plugin.  You will find all your WP Inventory download and support needs here!


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    How Does WP Inventory Work?

    It’s Simple!

    You get what you pay for.  You get the basic WP Inventory Manager Plugin for free.  From there you can use it to manage your inventory and display inventory items to users on your website.  If you want more than what is offered in the free version, you simply buy a license.

    How It Works

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    Need Some Extra Functionality?

    Try An Add-On!

    You deserve to have your inventory management system work and behave exactly as you want it to. That ability is given to you with the add-ons. Simply buy a license key for the free plugin, insert it in the dashboard, and you are all set.


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    WP Inventory Documentation

    Getting Started!

    It is easy to get started with the WP Inventory Manager Plugin. Simply visit our documentations page after downloading the plugin and off you go. You will be able to easily install and configure your plugin within minutes. From there you will be able to add and manage products and categories. It really is a breeze!


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    Need Help Getting Started?

    We Can Help You!

    You get the benefit of our support forums absolutely free. If you have a question and need some help, simply sign up and post your question to the community. We monitor the forums regularly to provide timely and open forum style support so that everyone can benefit.


WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin

The WordPress Inventory Manager Plugin also known as “WP Inventory” gives WordPress users the ability to manage their inventory through their WordPress dashboard.  Please feel free to download or click “Learn More” for more information.

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