WP Inventory Lightbox

When a user clicks on your inventory image now it will pop up to the full size image.  Useful for performance and user experience.  Load the thumbnails and only load the large images when needed.

Note:  Requires WP Lightbox 2 to work.


This free add on will provide a breadcrumb trail for the user to go back to previous pages from inside of the WP Inventory Manager listing and product pages.

Stripe Payment Gateway

With this add on, you are able to sell your inventory.  There are a couple of caveats, however:

  1. You must have an SSL certificate.  Most good hosting providers issue SSL certificates and can install them for you.
  2. You must have a Stripe.com account.
  3. You must have a licensed version  of the WP Inventory Reserve Cart.

Add-On: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search ability allows you to use a sidebar on your page and use our drag and drop widget.  From there, you set what fields you would like to display from the main search settings dashboard page.

Your inventory will be searchable based on inventory labels you have defined in the system.  So for example, if you have used a “Size” field, and you have sizes 8,9,10,11, and 12; then the filter will have those as options to filter by.  You may also filter by multiple fields.  So if you had a “Color” field, and the values black, blue, orange and green; then those would be a section in the filter as well.  So the user in this example would now be able to filter by size and color.

In the screen shot below, we have used category, location, and make as our filterable fields (as defined in the screen shot admin settings above).

Add-On: Locations Manager

You are in control over all of your inventory and any place it may be.  With the locations manager you can easily manage inventory at a couple, or many hundreds of locations.  There is no limit of locations that you can add and no quantity limit.

Track inventory in and out of locations with a handy ledger and transfer item interface.

And adding inventory to locations is done directly in the inventory item.  Associate inventory quantity with as many or few locations as you have that item found at.  Some items may be in all locations, and some maybe only in one or two.  You can have it any way you want.

For a quick video tutorial, please watch the following:

Add-On: Reserve Cart

WP Inventory Reserve Cart

If the one and done does not work for your website, get the reserve cart add on and allow your users to add items to their cart before checking out.  This will ensure they don’t get repeat emails as they use the site and make it so that they do not have to submit the form every single time.  They simply add all the items they want, and then checkout.  Simple and easy.  It is exactly like shopping cart functionality without taking the payment.

Watch demo:

Add-On: Advanced Inventory Manager

Add more fields, control the types of fields (text, dropdown, radio buttons, etc), and define a variety of different “types” of inventory. For example, a dishwasher is much different than a couch.  The dishwasher may have fields such as height, width, and depth with various control options.  A couch on the other hand, may have color, material type, designer, etc.

Define a custom inventory type so that you can manage every type of inventory you have on-hand.  When you want to add new inventory, you select that type, and all of the pre-defined information you set for that product type will display for you to enter.  Anyone with a widely varying degree of products can greatly benefit from this add on.  Download the AIM add on today and gain full control over your inventory types.

(Note: This add-on requires a licensed copy of the WP Inventory Manager)

Watch the Demo:

WP Inventory Manager

Designed to help you manage inventory, display it on your website (if you want), and provide you with the tools you need whether you are displaying 5 items or 5,000. The ability to manage products through this easy to use tool makes inventory management simple.

  • Add and manage as many products as you would like. (No limits or additional fees)
  • Separate your inventory into categories
  • Determine which field(s) you would like displayed on the front end.
  • Enable / Disable field(s) you would like to use. With over 15 separate fields, you might only want to use 5-6 of them.
  • Add as many images as you like to each item.
  • Add as many supporting documents / media to each item (PDFs, Word or Excel files, etc)
  • Display the inventory listing either as a “spreadsheet” (table) or in individual boxes.
  • Control the order of display of the items.
  • Control which fields display in which order on the front-end.
  • Set custom names / labels for fields.
  • Full control over editing product information.
  • Easy-to-use admin interface built into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Display inventory on your site via an easy to use short code: [wpinventory] as well as an assortment of short code options for display options.
  • Powerful add-ons to enhance and increase the performance.


Template Override System

With a robust template override system, you can control how your inventory is displayed on the front-end.

Actions and Filters

Designed from the ground up to be extensible, WP Inventory is developer friendly, with action hooks and filter hooks throughout. Additionally, we are always adding new features, hooks, and filters to make the plugin even more extensible. Check out the Developer Documentation for more information.

WordPress-Style Functions for Familiarity

Utilizing WordPress style function names and architecture allows you to easily recognize and utilize the extensive list of exposed functions for your use.

Add-Ons (and more)

WP Inventory Manager Plugin currently has a couple plugins, with several more being developed. Let us know which features and add-ons you’d like to see, and we’ll see what we can do to integrate your ideas into the plugin.

Watch demo:

Add-On: Bulk Item Manager

Save time by editing multiple inventory items at once.  Update any field(s) you like that meet the conditions that you define.  Delete multiple items based on the conditions that you define, all within a simple easy-to-use interface.  Ideal for the large database of inventory and a huge time saver.

For example, find all inventory items that have the text “123 Herman” in the street name.  Or, find all items that are priced over $95.  You can do that and more, showing you a preview of the items that match the conditions you have set.  Then you can delete them, or change them, including adding, multiplying, replacing, or more.

For example, say a business changes it’s name.  It would be logical to assume the business is tied to it’s address.  So, we can find any street address that matches a certain string (123 Herman) and then update that business name.  As illustrated above, the former business name was “Apple”.  We are changing that to “Herman’s Shop”.  The preview allows you to see the change before finally submitting.

One Last Check


Add-On: Advanced User Control

The Advanced User Control add-on allows you to limit which users in the Admin screens can add items, view items, and edit items based on the user, and which user the item is assigned to.

WPIM Advanced User Settings

It also provides the ability to have the system send reservation e-mails to the item owner (the user assigned to the item).  With a simple, easy-to-use interface, it makes managing permissions for your users easy.

A license entitles you to one year of support and updates.

Please note that this plugin requires a properly licensed version of WP Inventory Manager in order to work.

WPIM Advanced User Permissions